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NASA Comments

  • George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
    Marshall Space FLight Center, AL., 35812
    Jonathon W. Campbell, Ph.D
    Intersellar Transportation Working Group
    Advanced Concepts Group

    "intriguing approach for accelerating spacecraft for interplanetary and perhaps even interstellar missions"

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  • John F. Kennedy Space Flight Center
    Kennedy Space Center, FL., 32899
    Hugh W. Harris
    Director, Public Affairs Office

    " Your proposal for using an electromagnetic projectile propulsion system was forwarded to me yesterday. It is a very interesting concept and I apologize for the fact you have not had a response earlier".

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  • Langley Research Center
    Hampton, VA., 23681-0001
    Delma C. Freeman
    Space Systems & Concepts Division
    Subject: Interplanetary Travel

    "This is in response to your letter of July 1, 1996, describing your concept ofr interplanetary travel. This is a very challenging area which needs the kind of creative and visionary analysis you have applied to this issue."

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  • Langley Research Center
    Hampton, VA., 23681-0001
    Theodore Talay, Ph.D
    Senior Engineer
    Space Systems & Concepts Division
    Subject: Interplanetary Travel

    "The author of these papers and patent has put forth some very visionary ideas about large scale expeditions to the planets and has the steps to get there." ... The costs estimated for the infrastructure and planetary spaceships appears low by even "new ways of doing business" standards. ... In general, the systems propsed would require significant development and testing before being practically applied.

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  • Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
    2101 NASA Road 1
    Houston, Texas, 77058-3696
    Warren L. Brasher
    Chief, Propulsion and Power Division
    Subject: Spaceship Propulsion by EMPL Momentum Transfer

    "..the economic and engineering challenges for the electromagnetically launched, captured, and relaunched propulsion system you envision are significant. ... Free and creative thinking are necessary for the future development of space. However, at present practical funding limitations are requiring NASA to set nearer term objectives than your proposed system can provide".

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  • Lewis Research Center
    Cleveland, OH., 44135-3191
    J.J. Nieberding
    Advanced Space Analysis Office

    ... Concepts requiring fewer large infrastructures are more attractive than those needing multiple staging bases, large fixed power facilities, and new Earth-to-orbit transportation systems. ... we strongly suggest that you review cost and schedule data for other space programs such as Apollo, Space Station, etc. ... the order of magnitude ... are significantly different than your proposal.

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