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Mars Products Catalog

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1.  Mars maps    ($7 each including S&H)
        Global relief map
        Global topographical map
        Polar relief map
        Polar topographical map
        Eastern region relief map
        Eastern region topographical map
        Western region relief map
        Western region topographical map
2.  Space CDs (for PCs only)   
        ($16.95 each + $4 S&H for the first and
         $2 for each additional CD.)
        Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.
        Life in the Cosmos
                  The Edge of Forever (about astronomy)
        Exploring the Solar System
                  The Voyager Legacy
        Zero-G (about life aboard the Shuttle)
                  Satellites in Orbit
        Space Stations
                  Earth from Space (photos from space)
        American Astronauts
                  US Shuttle Fleet
        American Space Exploration
                  Race to the Moon

3.  Mars Globe (Only $79.95 plus $6 S&H.)

In celebration of the Mars Global Surveyor's arrival, we are offering this Mars globe which is based on 6000 images taken from the Viking orbiters back in the 1970's.  This 12" diameter globe gives feature names as approved by the International Astronomical Union and comes with a pamphlet that provides interesting facts about the Martian terrain, geology, and environment. (includes clear plastic stand).

4.  "Jobs for the 21st Century" (Price: $20 including S&H.)

by Christopher R. Willis (1992)

This is a full length 8.5x11 book which describes in detail the development of space, the new propulsion system, the full mission to Mars, a manned mission to Jupiter, and other interesting subjects such as the spaceship design and the hydroponic food production system.

5.  Spaceship Propulsion by Momentum Transfer

US Patent #5,305,974    (Price: $5 including S&H.)

This patent describes the spaceship propulsion system which will transport the spaceship and crew to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or any of the outer planets. The specific impulse of this system begins at 3300 seconds and goes up!